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Meet Our Founders

Amalric Veret
Amalric VeretCEO
Amalric VERET created in 1999 the Activa Laboratories with the objective to establish a new and innovative set of technologies in the world of health dietary supplements.
Dr Patrick Veret
Dr Patrick VeretDirector, Research and Development
Patrick Veret, M.D. studied medicine at the University of Paris and is a master acupuncturist and homeopath.

Search for Innovation

Formulation & Choice
of active ingredients


Quality of active ingredients, Technical traceability and analysis records

Quick and long-lasting benefit

Confidence of our practitioners, Patient recognition.

Our Mission : Expert Healthcare

Activa Laboratories develop and use exclusive formulations based on innovative galenics to optimise physical balance. Specialising in biocellular nutrition, Activa laboratories present their new generation of herbal products assembled in sequence to optimize synergy and bioavailability with the body’s vital currents.

  • 1999: Creation of the Laboratories
  • 2000: First work by Research & Development
  • 2006: Launch of the WELL-BEING range
  • 2010: Launch of the HUMAN STRUCTURE range
  • 2012: Launch of the CHRONO range
  • 2014: Launch of the ACTIVA NUTRI range

Research & Development

The first generation of food supplements was created in the late 1980s in order to address deficiencies in the body and was generally in a form that contained mono-active ingredients that were either trace elements, vitamins, plants or proteins.

The second generation appeared at the beginning of the 21st century and included active ingredient complexes that were to provide targeted responses to life’s discomforts. These products concentrated a maximum of active ingredients known for their claims relating to a specific target. The efficacy of the product was justified by the high dose of active ingredient in relation to the target area.

The third generation of products takes account of all the problems of the system involved by combining different active ingredients that are aligned in a complex and sequential process to alleviate discomfort.

Most of these active ingredients are assembled in very precise sequences and dosages in order to obtain a highly effective product that avoids causing disturbances in areas that are not involved, thus ensuring perfect biocompatibility with the entire body.

Years of Research and Development
Innovative Nutritional Supplements
Innovative Ranges


The most important for us, work for your well-being

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